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One of the most common questions that people ask about old cars, is What is it worth?  This question is introduced whether the person is looking to purchase a car either for their collection or as an investment or if they are trying to sell it.  This no doubt is one of the most difficult questions to correctly answer.  The best answer:  it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.  Obviously, there are certain factors that help to establish the overall value of an old car.  For example, the age of the car, the condition, the original production numbers, the rarity, the factory options, the location, who owned it before, what original pieces are still on the car, what specialty pieces are now on the car, and yes even the color of the paint.  A particular car may have some deep rooted significance or sentimental value to you or someone who is interested in buying it.  They may be willing to pay far more than what the general market says the car is worth.  Also, a car may not be as desirable or "collectible" to the general market or even the particular region you are in and a car will not be able to draw the same price that it might in another region of the globe.  There are a large number of resources and guides available to help give you an idea of what the general market has revealed or shown the value of old cars.  Below are some various resources and locations that may help you in determining the value of your car or one you are interested in buying.  Please note that some resources and appraisers will charge you for their services and vary in prices and fees.  Also, check the market itself and see what other similar cars in similar condition and in a similar location are selling for.  One of the better sources for looking up old car values is the Old Cars Price Guide.  This is a bi-monthly publication that grades cars according to their condition and lists their average values based on recent auctions and sales. It is available at local bookstores and news stands or possibly even at your local library. Another source is the Standard Catalog of American Cars. If you are unable to find either of these locally, you can purchase it online through Books4Cars on their website at



Online Auto Value Resources:


Kelley Blue Book -
N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guide
Vehicle Market Research -

Edmund's @ Automobile Buyer's Guide -
AutoWorld Buyer's Guide -
Pace Buyer's Guide Online -
CarPrices Online -



Online Old Car Markets:


Collector Car Trader -

Ebay online auctions -

Hemming's Motor News -



Old Car Value Publications:


Old Cars Price Guide available at


Standard Catalog of American Cars available at




Certified Antique Auto Appraisers:


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