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7th Annual Rosanky Swap Meet and Car Show

Rosanky, TX

September 9 - 11, 2004


The Central Texas Museum of Automotive History, located in Rosanky, TX, held its 7th annual swap meet, car sales and old car cruise in and car show on September 9th - 11th this year.  This event is quickly becoming one of Texas' largest old car swap meet events.  The swap meet has not been taken over by many of the now typical "new" products or vendor booths that are becoming far too common at many swap meets.  If you still like digging through piles of old rusted parts or looking through boxes of pieces and not knowing what you will find, Rosanky is probably an event you will enjoy.  You can find parts you were looking for or buy a whole car if you like.  If you have never attended this event there are some things to know if you ever do make it.  First of all, be prepared with plenty of water.  It does get warm at Rosanky and be prepared for the dust on your shoes, legs, well basically all over you.  The area is dusty and out in the Texas heat.  As you drive out to Rosanky, you begin to doubt the directions you were given or are following, as Rosanky is not much in the way of a big booming town.  You have probably heard of a town with the one stoplight, well I don't believe Rosanky even has one stoplight.  You basically drive for miles through hay fields and such and can't believe that so many other people know about this place or have found the place when you get there.  It is one of those places that definitely shows truth to the old saying of "if you build it, they will come."  The museum was built out in the middle of one of these hay fields and has attracted some of the oddest most amazing vehicles and pieces of history that you will ever encounter.  If you have never stopped by the museum for yourself, I highly recommend that you take the time at some point and do so.  They have a great collection of cars and artifacts that are either owned by the museum family, donated to the museum or on loan.  Many vehicle makes and models that you never knew existed or were made are on display.  On Saturday of this event, car clubs from surrounding areas like San Antonio and Austin make their way out for a cruise and the event hosts a car show.  For more info about the museum or about next years event, visit their website at
















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